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Our Risk Management Process
Our Risk Management Process is a four-step process utilized by Holman and Company to identify, understand, implement and monitor the risk management strategies for you and your business.
Step 1:
Identify Exposures

Step 2:
Define Strategies to Handle Risk

Step 3:
Implementation of Programs

Step 4:
Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustment
Identify Exposures
In the initial phase of identifying exposures, we take the time to work with each client in order to gain a better understanding of your organization and identify your exposures to loss. This process can involve the following:
Review of current insurance contracts and program design
Inspection of facilities and interviews of key employees
Risk Management/Safety Policy review
Experience Modification review
Accident Analysis and Injury Causation
Contract reviews
Training and Orientation review

Define Strategies to Handle Risk
After a thorough understanding of your organization’s exposure to loss, our professionals collaborate with you to outline ways to handle the risks that are identified. These strategies to handle risk can include:
Risk Avoidance
Contractual Transfer of Risk
Retention of Risk
Policies/Procedures and Controls
Procurement of Insurance Products
Appraisal Evaluations
Implementation of Programs
Once the Risk Strategies are agreed on, we put into place the specially designed tailored programs to protect your assets and the continued revenue generation of your business.
Written Service Timelines
Specifically Designed Programs
Marketing Insurance Program
Insurance Policies
Loss Control Programs
Claims Management

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustment
Risk Management is a continual process in which the results of the programs that have been implemented are regularly monitored and any necessary adjustments are made throughout the year. Since organizations and the business environment continually change, it’s critical to stay on top of these changes and make sure your risk management programs adapt as well. The monitoring process involves:
Risk Assessments
Claims Reviews
Experience Modification Reviews
Pre-Renewal Strategy Meetings